Writing Services

A 2012 study of international grantmaking revealed that "There is a lot of fear/anxiety in relation to high donor demands around grant making."

Paper based application processes, expectations for measureable results, and extensive documentation have frightened off many small civil service organizations.

You need a well written proposal, concrete action plan, and measurement systems to compete.
Sometimes you just need someone to write a professionally prepared report quickly.  I can help you write reports to suit many needs, from documenting project and personnel activities, to job descriptions and needs assessments.

Content is collected, organized and crafted into a clear and compelling story that presents the facts without embellishments that may cause readers to question the objectivity or competency of the writer.
A well told story is a powerful tool. Stories come from, and are shared in, many places. Stories motivate others to greatness, promote your business, convey a deeper sense of meaning, and summarize complex matters into easily digestible parts.

Your story is too important to see it written with errors and omissions. Whether you need help in marketing, documentation, employee motivation, or grass roots organizing, I can assist as much or as little as you wish.

Contact me for proofreading, creating outlines, background research, or document formatting needs.

Contact an expert when writing matters and is not your strength.
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