Project Management

  1. Planning
    How can we know if we have achieved our dreams if we do not clearly state them? How can our people support us if they do not understand, believe, or invest?
  2. Organizing
    Many times, this is a simple task. Complex businesses and projects require a more structured approach. Let's start by analyzing what you have and identifying what you need.
  3. Measures
    What evidence will you have tomorrow to help you make informed choices? Measure what matters.
  4. Internal Communications
    Communication mistakes are an organization's biggest nightmare. Let's analyze and plug the holes in communication effectiveness.
  5. Roles, Responsibilities, Duties
    Confusion, low productivity and poor employee morale can result from unclear expectations and outdated coordinating systems.
  6. Monitoring & Evaluation
    Projects have goals. Indicators of progress are selected, measured, monitored and used to plan for and predict the future.

Client Stories

Commercializing an Invention
Grant Management
Restructuring A Business
The client is an inventor whose talents lie in imagining solutions to life's difficult challenges. But he did not know how to get his solution to those who needed it.  Research, documentation, patent filing, managing a public event, press coverage, website and marketing all produced the desired results.
A lack of proposal writing skills at a progressive nonprofit left this client stumped after being asked by a global funder to apply for a grant.  The grant was developed in cooperation with leadership to accurately reflect the project goals and activities while meeting the needs of the global funder.
The small business had succumbed to the effects of higher costs and lower revenues than expected. They had been operating in the red for months and assets were being reposessed. An inventory of phyisical and intangible assets produced an opportunity to find new funding and restructure for greater efficiencies.
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